Interview Experience: Wing’n It

Recently, I interviewed for a local graphic design position with a small firm and was excited to show how I could contribute to their continued success. I was asked to design a logo, before the interview, for…


Making a Studio Space

Over the 4th of July weekend 2020, I finally did it! I made room for my home painting studio. It was actually more of a process than just making room, and the physical space was the final…


Painting: Cien Por Ciento Locos

Well, this painting took a while. Most of the time just sitting there waiting to be actioned upon, if that’s a word. It started out being about the constructs of the mind. Each of us has a…


Painting: Hope & Despair

Cycles of great outer change often begin with changes in the inner world, the unseen things; Priorities, perspectives, perceived possibilities, values and expectations. “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at…


Tea anyone?

So, each of us has some basic things we are known for. I am not talking about anything flashy, just something on the daily. For me, one of these things is tea. I drink lots of tea.…


Journaling through Poetry

There is a lot of talk these days about self development and inner work and things like these. I feel that these are ways of paying more attention to what you want and feel and giving yourself…


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