One idea that I play with as a painter is that each painting is delivered to me in the form of inspiration, which cannot be rushed, but at the same time must be used before it moves on. Once a painting is begun it takes a life of it’s own, and I rarely set out in the pursuit of a certain visual outcome.

Thank You for the Minutes

Oracle of the Painted Sky

Relentless Impulse

Whenever It Rains

Anime Gemelle Sotto la Luna Viola

The Dreaming

When painting a portrait, everything I know and feel and sense about the person will affect the outcome, as well as things they have said. I am representing them through color, texture, gesture, movement, emotion, and soul. It is a process which cannot be planned beyond the preparation of supplies and willingness to leave the ego and intellect behind in the process. So it is with any idea, feeling, or intuition being expressed through art.

Il Calore di’Un Abrazzio

I’ll think about it. It scares me a little bit…


Terra Incognito

To Feel the Solitude More Keenly

Palpable Quiescence

The Forest Within

Veiled Intumesence